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Feedback sought on organics action plan work



The Food and Organic Waste Action Plan (FOWAP) includes provincial consideration of 11 regulatory and non-regulatory actions (e.g. disposal bans), as well as three identified opportunities (e.g. “digestate and compost to recover nutrients and improve soil health”), and four measures/targets (e.g. “the role of offset protocols to support the development of food and organic waste processing infrastructure”).

The Province has established a stakeholder working group, with representatives from industry, municipalities, academia, etc. to move the Food and Organic Waste Framework forward.

The stakeholders first met January 19, 2017.  The Ministry introduced the proposed timelines and areas of interest for the FOWAP and took into consideration the views of the stakeholders regarding the draft.

A second meeting was held on March 3, 2017.  MOECC staff presented on food and organic waste to put the subject into context for the stakeholders. FOWAP materials and issues were also presented and discussed, followed by activities on scoping and prioritization.

Further meetings are already scheduled as the MOECC has a very tight timeline for the action pan, anticipating that the first Provincial Policy Statement will be on organics and the Action Plan will wrap up by the end of 2017 (or early 2018).

A Discussion Paper: Addressing Food and Organic Waste in Ontario is anticipated to be released in March. The MOECC has requested feedback on this paper.

The MWA has posted the documents from the first two Stakeholder meetings on this website (see below).

We are encouraging our members to review the documents and forward any comments or questions to Karyn Hogan (MWA rep on the stakeholder working group), who will bring any comments/questions to the next stakeholder meeting (April 19).(; 905-791-7800 ext. 4379).

Links to the various files: SWGFoodandOrganicWasteMeeting2Mar3FINAL.pdf 19.PDF of Leading Jurisdictions - Background Materials March 3.pdf Meeting1Jan 19.pdf Meeting2Mar 3.pdf Scope and Prioritization Activity - Mar 3 2017.pdf
Summary SWGMeetingJan 19.pdf

The MOECC is also encouraging feedback directly on both the work of the Stakeholder Working Group and the Discussion Paper after it has been released (


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